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cheese, gromit!

for some reason, i decided that i was going to stop eating cheese for the month of november. i think it might have been a result of my getting chiles rellenos delivered too frequently over the last couple months, or my desire to see if it would make a difference in my overall well-being.
i should have told myself, “self, please try not to replicate dishes using fake cheese, you’ll only be disappointed.”
but, i didn’t. so, i proudly mixed up my weekly pasta salad with peas and some vegan ranch dressing, and i thought, “hey, doesn’t this kind of salad usually have little cubes of cheddar? good thing i bought ‘wedge style cheddar like’ daiya cheese!” and i promptly cubed it up and mixed it around with the pasta shells. i tasted a couple bites, it was tolerable.
fast forward to my stomach growling on monday around 11:45. i took the lid off my container and dug in. what a terrible mistake i’d made. i’ve decided that any fake cheeze produced anywhere needs to be melted and disguised by a lot of salt.
so, the chickens get a treat this week, and i had to whip up a new lunch last night. thankfully, i hoard canned goods and could whip up a simple chickpea tomato soup that tastes a million times better than any version of cheeze that i’ve tried ever.
i completely forgot to mention that i’m ceasing my fast as soon as i feel like eating something with cheese in or on it.