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Category: nyc

five years ago..

i was driving to work, with a carpooley, listening to the radio. i didn’t then understand the gravity. it took a couple weeks to sink

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reason #1 to move to ny (don’t worry mom, it’ll take 19 more, at least): the sushi i had for dinner will be about $10

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more pics!

here’s me out back at bull mccabe’s and here’s one of kurt out front. here’s me in front of the love shortly after the dave

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we’re baaack!

the flight was 20 minutes /early/. we stayed with kathy in bed-stuy (bedford-stuyvesant); a neighborhood filled with brownstones. here’s a view of jefferson st. out

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omg you guys

we leave today. :( kathy (kurt’s sis) is dropping us off at laguardia around 4:30 and we head out of the big windy apple at

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you have no idea how much i’ve walked in the last two days. we hung out around washington square, 8th st, and st mark’s saturday

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