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carp in my tunnel

between five and 10 years ago, i was working at the wisconsin relay system as a “c.a.”, or communication assistant, typing up to 120 wpm on a good day, for six hours at a time. about halfway through that stint, my left arm came down with what is now known as “repetative stress disorder”, or a toned-down version of tendonitis. i couldn’t carry full grocery bags, i couldn’t do the dishes (these things may seem lucky, but not to be able to do something is different than not having to do something), i was really into making hemp necklaces at the time, and i had to stop that, too. so i took a six month reprieve from typing (unfortunately, it was to work as tech support for aol 3.0), and it helped bunches. the soreness would come and go; i still can’t read a book while lying on my back, but i can do the dishes!
well, this morning, i woke up with the sorest right wrist evAR. and i can tell the difference between tendonitis and carpal tunnel; and this isn’t tendonitis. our admin assistant is ordering me a better wrist rest.