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captain’s log, day four

it was another -7° morning ride. i *almost* stayed home but didn’t think i would get much done and i’m already running at 50% efficiency while i’m in the office.

i stopped to see josh at the ohio last night so we could talk about a website for the store he’s opening on the corner. it’ll be nice to have a distraction, even tho i don’t think it’s going to take me very long to get up and running.

i also may have had a few too many drinks, relatively. ever since matt’s sobering trip to the hospital, my alcohol consumption has plummeted. while i probably still drink more than the average 40-year-old gal, it’s really about 75% less than i used to, with a long-tail trajectory of going down further. but, the recent situation is causing a minor setback in that plan.

the last time i had a shot of fernet, if it wasn’t on my birthday, it was some time during birthday week. well, last night i had my first shot since whenever the last time was. and, while i have missed the camaraderie of a group of folks sharing that moment, i didn’t miss that it gives me heartburn.

i’m glad i have the bullet journal so that i can keep track of water and food intake. note to mom: the water intake is a healthy amount. ingesting food, however, is still a struggle, and my past experience tells me that it will be for a while.

i’m sleeping a little more but still waking up a lot throughout the night.

i reached out to the neighbors because i need them to know that the house won’t be occupied all day anymore, and i told my friend (and realtor) that i’ll probably need his advice and assistance on future projects. i have a feeling that my weekends are going to be filled with those as i’ve spent the last 10 years putting them off in favor of other, more irresponsible activities. i’ll still have those days (brunch!) but maybe not so frequently.

here’s to making it through another day.