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if you believe in that sort of thing

a new horoscope from chani is ringing true.

Uranus has been working on you to become more authentic no matter the price. The result being that you are more likely less dependent on conventional securities than you were 7 years ago.

Your worth is not dependent on having achieved traditionally age-appropriate milestones. You have had a different destiny to carve out for yourself. You have had to traverse the unknown. Channel the unconventional. Cease to judge yourself on what didn’t get built and instead value what did get discovered.

Making plans right now might not be the most pragmatic use of your energy. What is useful to you is becoming more attuned to your intuition. As you learn to trust this way of knowing, and living, you’ll be strengthening your connection to the guides you most need to listen to.

life is being pretty kind to me right now and i have matt to thank for letting me go. he said, in explanation of the breakup, that i deserved someone who would be there for me and have a corresponding schedule so quality time could be spent (i’m paraphrasing due to not really having the mind to listen when he was telling me this).

this is exactly the comfort that’s taking place. someone around when i’m around. someone to plan and make dinner with/for. someone to watch the office with (for the 35th time). someone i’ve become immediately comfortable with after only knowing for a short time.

it’s nice.