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before you ask

he’s not all the way out yet.

and i think the recent snow storm is going to have an adverse effect on the plans, but i’m saying that not even knowing what the plans are. i’d say he has at least two more truck fulls to move, and none too soon because i’m getting miffed at having to maneuver around the piles and his unconfined nest in the living room.

it’s not to say that i’m upset that he’s still here, but at some point, the band-aid needs to lose its stick and fall off.

i want to clean and vacuum and paint the steps so i can put the carpet runner down. i can’t do any of that with so many feet in the house. i can keep the dogs from using the stairs for a weekend day, but not humans or the cats. i want to sit on the kitchen floor and scrub the years of grime off. i want to decide on a f$&*ing color for the bathroom and paint it cuz i’m sick of looking at that green, and i’m sick of picking familiar shapes out of the peeled paint on the outside of the bathroom door.

in other, better news, i’m not feeling as hopeless and useless as i was a couple weeks ago. i still have other negative feelings about myself, but those were present long before the current situation.