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back to urgent care

by 2pm yesterday, my kidneys were throbbing every 3 seconds and i could barely sit upright. i stuck it out until 5 and headed to urgent care after work. the dr and i determined that the sulfer-based antibiotic dulled the infection for a bit, but did not completely clear it… so it came back with a vengeance. he put me on something stronger; ciprofloxacin, which i couldn’t take until 2 hours after eating dinner last night, which meant it didn’t kick in until midnight and my kidneys and fever didn’t stop being present until 2am. needless to say, i slept in this morning.
i tried taking the second dose on an empty stomach, which they suggest, but mine is a weird one and didn’t like it so much. so, after only two of 14 doses, i’ve already become extra sensitive to sunlight and heat. i had to take my coat off in the car on the way to work.
in even better news, i get my annual review today…