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i drive pretty aggressively… but i am *very* safe and have every sense on alert when i’m in my car. i also don’t like to be behind people who drive slowly.
this morning, as i headed to work, i got behind a woman who was doing 45 down hwy 113 (which is a 55mph zone), in the left lane. at the first opportunity, i passed her and ended up in front of her at the lights to turn onto hwy m. i peered into my rear view mirror just as she held up her smartphone and snap a picture of the rear of my car. i saw the flash, and thought, “that’s odd.”
so we turn onto hwy m and it’s always backed up forever, so i stick my iphone out my car window and take a picture of her car, since that seems to be the fun thing going on at the time. unfortunately, it was the forward-facing camera, so her plate is kinda blurry.
as i try to merge into the right lane, she gets into the left turn lane to go to willow road and rolls her passenger window down to shout, “i’m reporting you for tailgating, baby!”
to which i respond, “oh! ok!” and i smiled.
i was puzzled at this. she was *behind* me when the picture was taken, she is obviously not right in the head, and there is no way i’m getting a ticket for something that no one saw. i thought to myself, “there are a million other infractions i could get in trouble for and some pedestrian, old lady is going to pick that one?”
i don’t even know how someone would go about reporting anyone like this.
anyway, i haven’t had any traffic infractions since i was 17, and maybe 10 parking tickets in the last 15 years, i doubt anyone is going to infer that i’m a “follow too closely” driver.
tomorrow morning, when i see her, i’ll tell her i have a cop for a brother.