Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

another weekend

i woke up friday with a headache to beat the band, so i emailed everyone that i wasn’t coming in. thankfully it subsided by the time we had to take alex to the vet. he has a cold. a virus. we paid $100 for the vet to tell us this. well, she also gave him a rabies shot (which apparently is required by law) and a $23 jar of some amino acid that we’re supposed to put on the cat food to speed up the healing. nero has started showing signs of the same cold, and they hang out together most often, so i’m not surprised.
after the vet, i summoned the gumption to go to farm and fleet and the grocery store, so we would have little to do on saturday.
i’ve started trying to learn to read a tarot deck, so when i woke on saturday morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep, i got up and studied matt’s book tarot in ten minutes.
this was not before i cleaned the kitchen and made a quiche tho. we brought a dozen eggs to the tavern on friday cuz matt had to make bloody mix, and we’re still hovering around 14-18 eggs on the egg skelter each day. it’s going to be crazy in the spring.
we figured we can sell a half dozen for $1, but it just seems silly to ask for that at all.
the rest of the weekend went by much too quickly.