Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

another summary

the weekend went too fast… matt’s brother, jeff, came down friday afternoon and we hung out for a bit and had some drinks. i passed out around 11 or something and i think they stayed up quite a bit later. i tried watching shutter island with them, but got too sleepy.
saturday, we headed to mickey’s for brunch and then a couple retail stops later, i became the proud owner of the movies saw i-vi for $35 and some change.
it was another early evening (am i really getting that old?), and before i knew it, i was at mickey’s getting brunch again. the owner has, twice now, expressed to me that i should be trained as a super-emergency sub for the waitstaff.
a trip to woodman’s and an afternoon of roasting poblano peppers followed and, all of a sudden, i have lunch for the week.
last night was wisco monday; brooks makes $1 tacos for the football game. it was a lame one last night, so he left one of the tvs on for us to watch pawn stars and american pickers. i think we’re addicted to both (and *of course* they’re on watch instantly).
tonight, we get to go see merlin mann at the union. i’ll take notes and let you know how it goes. my synopsis won’t be nearly as poignant as skip’s usually are, but i’ll give it a try.