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another short weekend

they’ve been going by too quickly lately. on friday, when i got home, i had a strange hankerin’ to walk around hobby lobby. so i got a resistant matt off the couch and we headed over to south towne (why are they all spelled like that?). i didn’t find anything worth buying, though there was a skein of yarn that i eyeballed for more than a minute. we proceeded to la bamba for a couple of burritos not quite as big as our heads.
saturday didn’t roll out as intended, but we managed to get to woodman’s before the rain started. it turned out a sloppy evening; we grabbed some neighbor friends and walked to mickey’s, luckily the sleet turned to snow almost in front of our eyes.
on sunday, i couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed at a reasonable time. my brain seems to work overtime on sunday mornings… i should record my thoughts when they’re racing. they’d probably seem silly in retrospect.
the dogs were digging the snow until this morning… it’s much too cold for their tootsies.