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another panic attack

on sunday morning. i knew something was off… i should have stayed home but went to mickey’s for breakfast anyway… i couldn’t eat my waffle for at least an hour. it’s mildly embarrassing and annoying. the second suckiest part about suffering from panic attacks is the pain of waiting for the next one. it’s in the back of your mind all the time.
so, monday morning when i woke up at 3 in a panic and tried my damndest to go back to sleep and by 7 i was certain i could not come to work, i called in and could finally fall back to sleep.
today’s been ok… i’ve kinda felt like i’m about to freak out, but i haven’t. hopefully i can stave off the next one… according to my records, it’s been almost 2 years since my last attack. i thought i was done with ’em. oh, well.