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another good one

friday was nice and relaxing… we had to go to woodman’s, so we thought we’d give pan y pan a try. that’s the mexican bakery/restaurant in the parking lot where popeye’s used to be. they have tortas, quesadillas, burritos, and tacos with all sorts of different insides. my (vegetarian) burrito was pretty good, but missing something… a salty flavor… like it needed pico de gallo or something.
after the woodman’s run, we freed our tomato seedlings from their tiny little living spaces and replanted them in little paper pots made from a pot maker. i bought that thing almost three years ago and finally got to put it to use. we can then just throw the whole thing in some more dirt and the newspaper will decompose.
we celebrated another annual milestone on saturday; it marked one year from my filing date. matt made an awesome fire in the back yard while i cooked up some tuna on the grill.
sunday morning, the dogs thought i should wake up around 9… i made it til about 10 before they insisted. we had a nice walk; two neighbor dogs showed up, as well as a high-school acquaintance who seemingly just moved into the neighborhood.
i visited matt at the tavern for breakfast and then came home to dye my hair and make my weekly lunch. it started out as sauteed seitan and zucchini with noodles; but it turned into a seitan-noodle soup. later, i met back up with matt and we grabbed dinner at ha long bay and it was perfect.
also, i had some really strange dreams this weekend involving people from the past, finding lots of money on the ground, and work.