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another good one

we ran errands and generally got stuff done on friday and had a fairly regular evening. i did not awake on saturday covered in hives, so that was nice… we hopped over to wilson’s cuz i wanted a bloody but we were 30 minutes late for breakfast; so we had lunch. i was able to snag a moment in time when matt was agreeable to playing scrabble, so while everyone around us was shouting at the badgers’ basketball team, we were hunkered over the ipad while i tried to make sense of a crappy rack:
after having had just about enough of the screaming red and white, we went to mickeys to be among regular people. we had a near-issue when we were accidentally too close for my comfort to a certain person walking in the opposite direction, but luckily all parties remained civil.
sunday was extremely lazy, on my part. well, i did finish a scarf, but i did not vacuum, as was a glimmer of a plan earlier in the day.