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another weekend

i deliberately didn’t plan any distractions this weekend to could see if it was manageable. i didn’t break down crying, so i consider that a win.

friday afternoon, i knocked off work a little early to meet with someone about a website redo and then went to mickey’s to meet a couple friends who i don’t get to see very often. i stayed for a few more after they left because i needed the din. i got home around 7:30 and ordered banzo (which is probably the last time… it has become relatively disappointing for the cost—it just means i need to plan better now) and watched the office while continuing to work on my mitered square blanket.

i woke up with a smile on saturday because merle makes it impossible not to. we went for a walk first, because i had to work quite a bit on my bujo spread. i have a lot going on and felt like one week at a time isn’t gunna cut it for the near future, so i did the next two weeks and the april layout:

that’s a cake for my bday. which is funny, cuz i don’t really like cake.

after i got the journal set up, i went to woodman’s and it was surprisingly not busy; i thought it would be full of people prepping for st patty’s day parties. i wasn’t ready to sit on the couch, so i headed out for brunch and then came home because i didn’t want to be anywhere in public for this holiday. i got myself upstairs and into bed embarrassingly early and woke up similarly early. i spent sunday morning at mickey’s playing cribbage with josh and then came home, took a nap, made lunches for the week, made dinner, watched some show, went to bed embarrassingly early again.

i guess my answer to weekends without matt is to sleep a lot.