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another detox commences

goop released their 2017 detox only days away from when i had considered doing it again. so, i’m doing it again.

on sunday, i made chicken bone broth and ground turkey, sweet potato chili. tonight i will prep the crunchy veggie salad for lunch tomorrow and finish off some shredded chicken for dinner.

my recent annual checkup revealed a slightly elevated blood pressure, so i’m using this opportunity to reduce the alcohol intake to see if that has an effect. after the results of my appointment, i learned that several family members are on blood pressure medication, and i’m no fan of pills, so i’m going to hop on the wagon for a month to see if it helps (of course it will).

i’ll continue the detox journal with pen and paper but will try to document the non-TMI details here. this menu seems a little more tolerable and not as prep-intense. they even boast 20-minute prep times, but that might be optimistic.