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annual house party

as i’m sure you might have guessed, we didn’t have our annual memorial day bash due to life events interrupting the flow of things.
now that a semblance of order is upon us, we’re gearing up to get the house ready for our labor day extravaganza.
my goal of keeping the menu utensil-free still stands, but i’m betting others will bring items that need spoons and forks, so it’s a good thing we have two people’s worth of tableware.
i’ve been starring recipes in google reader and favoriting them on stumbleupon for weeks… in addition to wanting to reuse some from last year.
so far, i have the following comprehensive list but will by no means be making all of this:
spinach and feta filo pie (tho, i’ll probably cheat and use puff pastry dough cuz filo is hard to work with).
summertime lasagna
asparagus tart
zuchinni and ricotta tarts (i think it’s funny when vegetables get fancy french names, like courgette and haricots verts. come on).
quesadillas maybe we can make tiny cute ones so there’s more to go around.
and banana bread, cuz we have 9 bananas in the freezer.