Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

andromeda one

i dreamed that i was with my old pal, jesse, and we were trying to find somewhere to get work done. we ended up at this weird building, which i determined was my chiropractor’s office on the west side, even though it looked nothing like it. i needed to use the bathroom (that stress-dream topic again), and was told i could go inside briefly. i noticed that the people in the office were all acting really paranoid and being very twitchy. i went¬†outside to tell jesse what had happened and no one was out there.

scared, i pulled out my phone, which was no longer an iphone, but a candy-bar phone with the numeric/alphabet buttons. however, it had predictive text and really bad auto-correct, so i couldn’t text jesse to ask where he was.

i went back inside and the place had transformed into a weird hall with pod-like rooms up and down the sides, and a diner/restaurant. the people were all hiding, or running around being paranoid, like my first visit.

i came to learn that the place was called andromeda one, and there was a commissioner, or some dude in charge, that had everyone on high alert. he would switch into normal-looking clothes (janitor’s overalls, businessman’s suit) and try to catch people breaking whatever the rules were in order to punish them. sometimes you could call him on it, citing a statute that covered the exception to whatever rule he “caught” you breaking, other times, the person was hauled away, either screaming or pale and silent.

some guy befriended me and pulled me into his pod. he wanted to help me get ahold of jesse. we were somehow able to communicate with jesse and i found out that we were both in two worlds at the same time. one of us was on the strange planet (i can’t remember what his was called), and the other was on earth, in the building, where the other inhabitants were, running around being paranoid. it explained my first visit into the chiropractor’s office.

then i woke up.