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And so it starts

Our lease is from Aug 15 to Aug 14. We were asked to re-sign (if we had planned on it) or not re-sign our lease by Jan 15 of this year. How does /anyone/ think 8 months in advance in regards to living spaces? Unless, of course, you own. So, today is the first of hopefully not too many “showings” of our apartment. I think it’s creepy. I mean, strangers and some rental agency guy who doesn’t know us are traipsing through the house.. looking at our things, seeing how it’s (poorly) arranged (because there is room for nothing). I’m hoping the lack of a utility closet won’t deter them from signing right away. I mean, our mops, brooms, ironing board and vaccuums are scattered throughout the living space in such a way that it either looks like we clean every day, or there just isn’t anywhere to put them when they’re not in use. The second scenario is more accurate.
This brings me to my point of excitement to move. Not to actually move, but to relocate to a place that I believe Kurt and I will be at for a long time. We’ll have a dining room! I am so excited. Also, since we’re friends with the homeowner, he’s allowing me to construct a full-on floor to ceiling bookshelf in said dining room. He’s got one in his flat already, so I’ll have a plan to go by. But, really, I hate moving.