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and now for something completely different

i posted a message on facebook today:

this morning, it occurred to me to make a list of all of the things i miss about my 30-60 minute drive to work. they are as follows:

i don’t know if it’s because the bike ride in was especially calming, or if the haze over the lake was motivating somehow. or if it is just me realizing how many years i spent in a place i hated doing work that was menial for a boss that appreciated nothing but her diet coke to make profit for a company that sells plastic toys to rich white kids.

is that libel? i guess not; i didn’t use any names.

anyhoo, i still don’t really like the fact that i *have* to work, but i still don’t dread monday mornings, and i like fixing people’s websites for people who appreciate it. and, i like working for a company that does good (non-profit sites, local businesses) and that shows me recognition based on what i contribute.


in other news, i ordered the fixins to make lip balm! once i get that down, i can also make bug bite sticks and deodorant.