Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

all good things

we had a great night away in dubuque this past weekend. we spent a lot of friday afternoon in galena, illinois finding toys from our youth and some decorative items. we had lunch in an upstairs restaurant where the woman said, “yous”, and tried an “award-winning” bloody mary… which did not come close to rivaling my sweety’s 2011 award-winning isthmus reader’s poll bloody mary.
we headed back north to dubuque to check into the hotel and get our bearings… then we spent a couple of hours at the mystique casino playing video poker. video poker must have taken a huge dive since the last time i was in dubuque, because there was one island of ten games surrounded by dinging and singing slot machine after slot machine.
after we’d lost enough, we headed back to the hotel and checked out the neighboring bar, the busted lift; which seems to have been shortened to the lift. maybe it’s working again?
after that, we checked out the restaurant of rotating renters upstairs. it’s now an italian joint with red-and-white checkered tablecloths; we split the stuffed shells and were charged $6 “for the extra salad”; which matt didn’t eat.
then, the hot tub! it was so relaxing and peaceful. i wished we could have stayed a second night; i was too exhausted to enjoy it later than midnight. i didn’t sleep well (i never do in hotels), but we finally got up around 9 and moseyed downstairs to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. we checked out around 11 and headed back to madison to get the pups. by the time we got home and got them walked, we were both exhausted.
by sunday morning, i thanked my past self for also taking monday off. it was a good day to get a bunch of things done.
this week has been pretty productive. i made slow-cooker enchiladas for next week’s lunch, taco salads-in-a-jar for this week’s lunch, secured a csa for the summer, and checked on my bike purchase.
we also got some walking sticks, whom are hanging out in the living room. pics to come.