Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


my back has been on the verge of giving out since i woke up yesterday morning. i decided to tough it out all day, but broke down at 3 and took two non-aspirin (you may or may not know that i rarely take medicine for any ailments). it barely touched the pain… when i got home, i scoured the house for the heating pad that we’d already spent three days looking for… i found it in the very back of the downstairs closet on the floor underneath two boxes (wtf?).
i then proceeded to use the inversion machine that i always forget we have and it seems to have helped… until we took the dogs on a leash walk and nora tripped me and jolted my back … i had to stand on the side of the road and stop myself from toppling over in pain.
fast forward to the middle of the night when i got up to use the bathroom and could barely bring myself to sit up. matt got the heating pad from the basement for me and i laid for a little bit on that.
this morning, it was pretty hard to get up, but once i inverted, it seemed to relieve it a little bit. i have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon and am a little scared because i don’t want to it get worse.
i think i’ll have to skip girls’ night out tonight… :(