Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


to extend my comment yesterday about getting things done, i have been feeling lately like i don’t have much time to do things, or maybe i’m just not making time to do things. i really want to tidy up the study; get stuff off the floor, do something with that computer that hasn’t worked in over a year, arrange books differently.
i also want to make time for things for us to do. we keep meaning to bike around the lake, and i feel like i’ve been itching to canoe to mickey’s (at least more-so than last year). but there is so much to be done that it feels like we can’t make the time. maybe it’s cuz we’ve introduced running into our schedule and it squeezes everything else a bit. i’m probably just not used to it yet.
anyway, this summer i want to bike around the lake, canoe to mickey’s, and clean up the den; maybe during my little vacation at the end of this month.