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a weekend well done

we had a nice weekend. friday was girl’s night out; the music was awesome and i was able to dance my back pain away… tho, my knees hated it the next day. maybe i need to start taking glucosamine. who am i kidding? i can barely remember to take my multi-vitamin.
saturday, we slept in kinda late and declared it “lazy day”. we had breakfast at the diner, and then i spent way too long trying to find a way to save text messages from my phone on my computer. eventually, i succeeded, but i could feel my stress level rising.
we happened to end up at woodman’s while the badger game was going on, so it wasn’t too bad; tho i bought more than i had intended.
sunday, i slept in again :x and headed to mickey’s for breakfast… came home and made manicotti; enough for lunch for the whole week.
i’m in a slightly better mood than normal for a monday morning… mostly cuz i have friday off and already have fun stuff planned. we’re going to head out to black earth to the shoe box and on the way back into town, we’re gunna stop at yue-wah to play around with all the fancy, cheap, ethnic foodstuffs that we can’t pronounce and have no idea of the taste or flavors.