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a weekend of games

Mostly with other people, though Friday consisted of a few drinks, and some JT’s Blocks. Saturday was some good, old-fashioned Euchre at Joe and Tooky’s house. I think our skills are improving because the first two rounds went really fast, and resulted in a rubber match. Sunday we went off to Larry and Kay’s for a delicious dinner and some Scrabble. I was a little aprehensive because I’ve never played the game, for real, before. I think Kurt and I have to get a travel Scrabble board just to practice. I wonder if they make a “start up” kit. What I mean to say, is not just this, but a kit with travel Scrabble, the dictionary, and the book of acceptable Scrabble words. Maybe someone smart will read this and tell me where to find one before I ring up another $25 on Amazon. :) We also met the sweetest and most adorable Greyhound yesterday. Larry and Kay’s new couch-warmer Sunny Day. What a cute girl. I think I saw Kurt fall in love with a breed. We’ve been toying with getting a dog, and can’t until we leave our apartment in August, but we’ve now gone through Boston Terrier, Boxer, and “anything from the Humaine Society”. I’m glad we’ve cohesively swayed from bred-to-buy dogs to ones that need a home. Greyhounds are popularly retired at a very young age, mostly due to injury, but some just for “bumping” into other dogs. Apparently this is aggressive behavior. Perhaps they’re pissed off with good reason? That’s enough long windedness from me. Wait til after my coffee is gone! —–