Remember, you closed that pop-up, so you agree not to hold the contents of this page against me. 🤝🏼 😉

a snopopsis of my day*

first, from a meeting perspective, i had to stand up for 15 minutes to discuss the process of a project in order to drive awareness and maintain visibility towards the end goal. then, the visibility to the café was announced and from a muffin, i had a great time.
afterwards, from a BiTwiConAppPersp, i updated the data file in order to continue the visibility to see the end of the project. also, from a bathroom standpoint, my goals were met.
our team as a whole touchbase meeting was extremely shareful and will continue to provide line of sight to KTLO and MMORPG projects within the business. this meeting will hopefully remove barriers and knock down obstacles toward self-improvement and career changes. afterwards, i went incognito in order to remove some of my own barriers and fill the void with some scrubbing.
my individual touch base was a series of information sharing, working toward spreading the knowledge from a user experience standpoint. the visibility to upcoming projects has created a need and it will be solved at some point after all those barriers are removed.
soon, i will discuss the changes to the usability test format which will involve driving awareness toward the building of our knowledgebase. afterwards, my needs will have been filled and i will go home, thankful that i was able to celebrate girls today.
*this documents the misspellings and improper language use that i get to weed through on a daily basis at work. it also represents how much i’m looking forward to my week off.