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a night spent in

Though Kurt knows I don’t really care for movies, he suggested going out to see one last night. By the time I got home from work, I was completely exhausted so I tried to take a nap. I was wakened by the sound of banging dishes. He thought I was in the computer room, as opposed to sliding slowly (but not painlessly!) into dreamland. We decide to rent movies and get a pizza. It’s Trivia Tuesday down at Bongo Video. This means you get a free non-new-release if you answer a random trivia question correctly. I stayed home to wait for the food and Kurt went to get the movies. He brings back Shrek, The Salton Sea, and My First Mister. Knowing that he could watch whatever he wanted after I went to bed, we popped in My First Mister. This movie is possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen, aside from Zoolander. Poor (sad, not lacking in monitary status), spiteful, gothic girl with piercings and tattoos sheds her hardware (a little too quickly) to get a job at some men’s clothing mall-store. Her boss, who took kindly to her (also a bit quickly), is an anal-retentive magazine-addicted loner. They make friends. She falls in love with him (red light! red light! she’s 17, he’s 48? (my stomach is turning.) He passes out while jogging. We turn the DVD off. It’s probably the first time I’ve actively stopped watching a movie with no intention of ever seeing the end. As you can see, I /do not/ recommend it.