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it all started with wanting to cover up a little tattoo that i got in the le chateau coop from tattoo bill after i found him sitting in the pub and begged him to tattoo me. he begrudged since he’d had a couple drinks, but i convinced him to anyway.

i wore that little guy until his previously purple hair turned green (what was in that ink?) and he got ever so taller as time and gravity had their way with my poor choice of placement (and subject matter, let’s be honest).

so i messaged claire at spike-o-matic and said i’d been itching for a chest piece and had a little coverup involved. i gave her my subject matter, “oriole. oranges. poppies. bees.”

a month or so later, i went in and got to see the drawing she’d done.

it doesn’t look that big on paper, does it? it is.

we waited a month to heal and then she did the shading. thankfully it was the monday of birthday week and i could take care of it like it should be taken care of.

the shading turned out great!

a month later (last friday), i went in for the color. so much color. i was in the chair for four hours. i didn’t want to stop because that would mean i’d have to come back and do it some more!

so, we both powered through and the result is fantastic.

it’s a little better in person. so, if you’re lucky enough to see me wearing a v-neck shirt, you can take a peek.