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“a better fit”

an ex-coworker lives nearby and we saw her on a dog walk this weekend. she asked how things were going at the new place and if it was a better fit.

i thought that was a weird question, because it seems to me that the old place isn’t a good fit for anyone. but, maybe that was just my limited knowledge of the general mood of my closest coworkers, and not a good representation of the rest of the people who work there. but, i don’t know. everyone always seemed pretty grim.

anyway, the new place *is* a better fit. arguments about jquery libraries and mysql statements fill the room, people actually chat around the water cooler, web development actually happens.

i was the judge of a blue suede shoe contest between the president and a vp on friday.

there is no “jeans day” incentive bull jazz, jeans are welcome any day. in fact, a couple of the developers don’t wear shoes most of the time.

i get to walk down regent street to grab lunch, if i want. there is life going on all over.

so yea, a better fit.