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2 thousand steps

in order to stop staring at a monitor for 20 minutes a day, and get our lipase working, a coworker and i take a walk around the office, twice a day, that total 2,000 steps. i call the events 1k and 2k… most people get it.
when the weather permits, we “take it outside” as an added bonus. on humid occasions, i usually make a comment of how it affects my hair; or i’ll point out how my browns don’t match.
on the way back to our desks, we stop in the breakroom and joke that we need to see how our day is going by checking the horoscopes. so i find the closest paper which usually has some article about a badger fan and how the terrace is stupid and falling into the lake.
and then page through to the “fun” part of the paper to check out the aries and virgo (and gemini, for other reasons) number predictions; i never read the text… that part is irrelevant:
let me know if you can’t guess our signs.