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life is pretty good lately. the early dark evenings and football and spending more time at home is nice.

we’ve been adding more choices to the rotation; the burgers previously mentioned, really yummy pizzas on crusts from costco, the ol’ roasted chicken standby, and taco tuesdays have at least helped me not get bored with any one thing.

and it’s already halloween. november is tomorrow. lutefisk is this weekend, along with setting the clocks back.

i’m going to stop at the coop tomorrow to put my order in for a turkey. a coworker has some tips for making it the best and i hope i don’t effitup too badly. rodney says he knows how to do it cuz he’s been watching the turkey being made for many years. :fingerscrossed:

i haven’t been using my crock at work much lately, so i made turkey and sweet potato chili for lunches this week.

and we had shrimp tacos last night because that spicy sauce is delicious. i still want to try to make it with creamy cashews instead of sour cream.