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what’s in my bag

here’s what i submitted to the cool tools “what’s in your bag” series. i carry a lot of items with me; some of my friends call me swiss-army-bekee because it’s likely that i have the resources or tools to help them in a pinch. i’ve...

silly, silly brain

i keep having dreams that i’m back at the ol’ place. it’s dark, dreary, and boring. the people are usually walking¬†around like unmotivated (except for by their task master) zombies and no one is happy. and then i wake up, smiling.

time keeps on tickin’

i just remembered, as i lay down and think about the day, that my dad passed away 34 years ago this week. i wonder what he would think of the world now.

holiday break

i’m really looking forward to the time off that i’m able to take between christmas eve and the 5th of january. lots of sleeping in, and lots of time with matt and the animals. i think, every year, i come up with an aggressive plan to clean or organize or...

come on, brain!

for some reason today, i can’t get my brain to work. i’m supposed to be starting on a new project and i can’t seem to get the traction i need to just. begin. i feel almost like i’m floating or on a boat or something. i’m not sure if...