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temporary shift

i worked brunch at mickey’s yesterday. the regular person who busses tables and takes care of coffee needed the day off, so i said i’d do it. i’m not entirely sure why i agreed to it. i didn’t get to talk to matt nearly as much as a regular...

migration complete

i think i’ve got everything moved over for this domain, now i need to work on the other two. luckily, they’re much much smaller; but they’re both coming over from a movabletype blog, which i haven’t struggled with in a long time. i can’t...


in my haste to rid myself of my previous webhost, i might have lost some photos. i’m going to try to not be too broken up about it, so i hope you’ll join me.

hello world!

readers, don’t fret. i’ve switched web hosts and need to get all my content moved over. it takes time.

slowly getting better

merle has had a couple of accidents in the bedroom. i think, mostly, out of contempt. one night, she couldn’t get under the covers with me because i was all snuggled up and wouldn’t let her in, and another night because she was kicking and matt shooed her...