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ugh, technology.

i did it again. i accidentally deleted a bunch of comments from my blog. you see, every few days, i have to go through and clear out 200+ comments that are spam, but sometimes i forget to filter them first. also, i’ve been running on the same old version of...

day 30

“anything you want to post about” last time i’m really looking forward to this weekend… i took friday off and we have monday as a company holiday. matt and i are celebrating thursday with a date night. when i mentioned that to a coworker, he...

day 29

“a picture of yourself” last time this was last night. martin, nora, and me.

day 28

“do you wish for anything at 11:11? if so, what do you wish for?” last time most recently, it was something along the lines of doing something different with my life… right now, it’s just a twinkle in my eye.