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day 14

“a picture of someone you fancy at the moment” last time this time: his chops are longer now.

day 13

last time “three confessions of your choice” i feel like i should keep my home more tidy. i should spend more time with the dogs. i should be more productive for me.

day 12

day 12 last time “screenshot your desktop” i don’t keep any icons on my desktop. that’s always struck me as a terrible way to organize things. i used to work with a woman who had 50+ documents saved to her desktop atop a picture of her kids...

day 11

“your favorite quote” last time and it hasn’t changed. we may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. in fact it may be necessary to encounter defeats, so we can know who the hell we are, what can we overcome, what makes us stumble and...

new door!

we *finally* got a door installed on the coop so the little ladies don’t freeze their cute, furry bums off. we also got one more egg out of mary anne on thanksgiving morning. it’s getting a little colder now, so i don’t think we’ll get any more...