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i accidentally just deleted about 150 comments.


here’s one of the fellas (or gal) that we got to see at the museum: s/he was enormous!

all good things

we had a great night away in dubuque this past weekend. we spent a lot of friday afternoon in galena, illinois finding toys from our youth and some decorative items. we had lunch in an upstairs restaurant where the woman said, “yous”, and tried an...

it’s strange

almost every january, after being off work for a week+ i usually get this feeling that i want to toss my computers and leave them behind. coincidentally, i’ve not had a working pc in a week and a half and it hasn’t bothered me that much (except for the...


it’s been a long time since i’ve learned something new with knitting. i’ve done billions of scarves, a few pairs of socks and slippers, a couple sweaters, fair isle, ribs, cables. but, i finally got myself to knit an entrelac hat: