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i did it!

i finally got off my butt (not really, tho. i was sitting most of the time) and started an entrelac hat.


over a year ago, i said i was going to teach myself entrelac. i had just gotten this book in the mail and was all excited to start. well, i hadn’t realized that you need 5 sets of dpns (i exaggerate) for each project… and i didn’t want to add to my...

a few awesome things

this weekend was pretty good. i got to spend a lot of time with matt, i filed my taxes and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of rebate, i loaded my music up to my laptop and am currently in the (painful) process of getting it onto google music.


i’m trying really hard not to comment on this, but *every* *month* it amazes me how it’s more than half over already. we finally got the mattress out of the front room. someone at work had a house fire over the holiday and needed a bed for their new...

excellent weekend

four days go by really quickly when you sleep late every day. i’m amazed that we can just lay in bed as long as we do. the dogs hate it. but! they loved the snow; so much that they don’t listen very well since they’re running around sniffing at...