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last night

dreamed i had forgotten to feed the cat (there hasn’t been a cat of [half] my responsibility in the house since april). i was living in a farmie community and all of my friends were zombies but they weren’t trying to eat my brains, they were trying to...

i wish

that i either had my tax return or my bonus from work… above all else, it would ease my brainstress, but webs has a sale on discontinued noro silk garden; one of my top favorite yarns with which to work. i also just watched a how-to video in which the woman was...

three things

i want to read the irrational knot, people seem happier today (about the packers’ win) than the day after obama was elected, and parking in the carpool spot when you’re by yourself makes you seem egotistical and falsely superior.

weekend roundup

friday, we enjoyed lunch at michael’s frozen custard; they serve a decent veggie burger. then we tooled around town getting errands done. we made it an early evening as matt picked up the saturday open shift, so he had to be awake quite early. my day was...


in the same vein as my plan to save, i need to pay off a credit card. i just calculated the monthly finance charges+insurance and it’s going to take me a million years at this rate. literally.