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and another thing

i stopped myself from spending over $100 (for the free shipping) at american eagle yesterday… this morning, i found an electric snow thrower for less than that. i’ll sit on the decision til the afternoon.


only two more painful mornings leaving my sweetie and dags behind before i don’t have to extend beyond a 1 mile radius of my home unless i want to. while not responsible for work-work for 11.5 days, i intend on completing the following: reorganize contents of...

nice weekend

on friday, we packed the dogs up to stay at my mum’s while matt and i took off up north for the night. his brother had planned a little shindig and it seemed like a good time to hand out holiday gifts. the nephews loved their light-up moon and insisted on taking...


i keep writing really boring blog posts and then deleting them. we’re planning on painting the bedroom during the week that i’m off work. i’m not sure exactly when, but i’m a little nervous about how long it’ll take and what it’ll...

2pm apple

there’s nothing quite as awesome as biting into an apple that is rotten. :/