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remember when i found the image of those awesome brown boots? and i was all “i’ll never wear them but i want them” and then i realized how expensive they’d be because of all of the grommets and leather. well, i found these on ebay and wore them...

i wish

all iphone games played in the same orientation when the device is held horizontally, and i wish they’d all use the same volume levels (e.g., *not* the ringer volume, but the speaker).

time is strange

it’s been six months; sometimes it feels like it’s been years, and sometimes it feels like minutes. thank you.


i had another panic attack at lunch today. i know they’re totally gastro/blood sugar related cuz i haven’t been consistent in my evening meals lately, and my hormones are askew cuz of, well, you know, life. i had gotten about four bites into my tuna gyro...

inbox and other things

i get almost all of my bills electronically… and i use my inbox as a to-do list. once a month, the only things in my inbox are bills… it’s like a virtual nagging pile of paper. it kinda stresses me out. jones met up with a skunk on monday night. it...