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i’ve been so quiet lately. there’s not a whole lot going on at work or at home. kurt’s mom’s condition is getting better; she’s going to be released next monday to go home. she thought she could have max back for a couple weeks, but it...

google wave

i just signed up to be a beta tester of the newest and awesomest google product: google wave. they also said to feel free to leave a haiku for the team: if google were not, and something else were there, it would be a black hole.

time keeps on slipping

tensions are kinda high at the house.. we’re not sleeping well and kinda at each other’s throats. i suppose it’s to be expected. i think a vacation may be in order.

too fast

spending a day going to kenosha and back sure shortens the weekends… at least we were able to finally get the tree in the ground. the hardest part was getting the grass up!

good dinner and weird dream

i often have strange dreams after sushi night… but last night we decided to try ha long bay on williamson st. where bab’s used to be. the night started with me asking everyone in my vicinity what the name was, and everyone had a guess but they all sounded...