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uh oh

i think i’m getting in over my head with the food planning. i just found these (thanks to the miracle of social internets and google reader): chile pea puffs. excellent for not needing utensils.


coworker kevin put an idea in my head to serve only potato salads at our party, since there are so many kinds. i probably won’t tho.. i do need to finalize the menu and make a shopping list. soon. we’re getting a newused oven from kirch on friday....

stupid mice

we have to buy a new oven cuz they chewed stuff and pooped everywhere and it will stink for years if we turn it on. :(

low on content

so you get some pictures. here’s the morning dove that is having a second go at raising a family in mickey’s back patio: here’s nora noodlebutt with all her legs akimbo:


a neat little article about shel silverstein. i didn’t know he was such a playa with the ladies. on another note: we got our party invites, but i ordered them about 3 weeks later than last year so we haven’t had time to hand them out to as many people....