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no sir, i don’t like it

it bugs me when people use “literally” and “seriously” when they don’t mean it. “my head literally exploded!” (she’s still alive) “i’ll be back seriously in two seconds!” (she walked away for five...


can’t believe it’s almost may. we have only three weekends to prep and paint our kitchen before our annual memorial day party. that, of course, doesn’t take preparing for the party itself. :/ they should sell motivation in a bottle.


i’ve been wanting a flip video camera for about a year now, and the price keeps fluctuating… it’s at it’s lowest right now. so, i was happy to see that i could get a refurb’d on woot today for almost half. they’re out of...


i’m not sure why it bothers me so much, but i absolutely hate it when i’m the only one in a bathroom with more than 2 stalls (how about 5?) and the next person who comes in chooses the one adjacent to mine.


we’ve decided on ralph lauren’s mango gold for the kitchen walls and old violin for the cabinets. i tried linking to their swatches online but they aren’t anywhere near accurate so i won’t bother. the trim and ceiling will be an off-white that...