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clean bill

the dogs had their annual wellness exam, heartworm check, and lepto shot yesterday. they both passed with flying colors. except that they could lose a couple pounds? i wonder if we should change their annual date to sometime in august or september after they’ve...

sorry, gentle reader

i’ve been really silent lately. i have no excuses other than general cabin fever and stir craziness. i am, however, looking forward to enjoying my birthday week off again. we’re going to (hopefully) spend the time painting our kitchen walls and cabinets....


my inbox wasn’t too bad since i cleaned it up a couple times during my illness.. but i still feel weird having missed two days. it was everything i could do to roll out of bed this morning… even if i would have felt ok about staying home again, i think i...


staying home, day two. i wish it were nicer out. i think that’s part of the reason why i’m not going anywhere.


i remember when he died, i called all over town to used cd stores looking for anything i could get my hands on. the jerk at strictly discs laughed at me. i haven’t shopped there since. it’s been almost 10 whole years. jerk.