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i hate them. i’ve been sitting in front of both of mine since 4 and still haven’t gotten to the point to reinstall windows. i had trouble getting it to recognize the new drive as c: unless i disabled the ide drive first. hopefully i can get it to cooperate...

tongue and nose

i have one little white taste bud on the tip of my tongue and it’s pissing me off. also, i don’t know what to think about the sniftag. i kinda want to get jones and nora one (each). whoah, nevermind. i just looked at the cost.


came across this site today and wanted to blog about it so i don’t forget. i’ve been getting lunch from subway for a while now but probably won’t have that luxury when there’s 4 feet of snow on the ground. so i need to start bringing my lunch....

late night

i went and saw dub trio last night… i wasn’t entirely impressed, but the second band, el valiente, was really good. i didn’t get home til 2:30. as i told a friend, i think i turned into a pumpkin.

home sweet home

stoughton road and commercial ave seems to be the spot where some of madison’s homeless hold their signs, looking very forlorn and cold. last week, a girl with star tattoos on her cheeks and only a hoody and jeans was there. i couldn’t read her sign cuz i...