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i pulled something in my back yesterday getting in the car at the dog park after work. it hurts to inhale all the way. i tried kneading it out but now it just feels like a big bruise. i brought my theracane to work to try to loosen up the muscles… prognosis:...

don’t be mad

i did some outdoor stuff yesterday… since i didn’t have online solitaire to occupy my time (the native windows one sux0rs), so i finally mowed the lawn… and composted what i could from the garden. i have to say, i was much more excited about the...


not having the internet makes me feel weird. i’ve been without it since thursday. i have 474 unread articles in googlereader and 28 pages of tweets to catch up on. and i have a lot of work to do today.


now we’re not going. kurt missed a couple days of work this week, and i got behind on some bills somehow (like, they never came in the mail?). so, we’re broke(ish). and can’t afford the lavish milwaukee lifestyle to which we’ve become...


people are irritating the piss out of me today.