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rainy night

my plants have seemingly doubled in size after last night’s rain. the rain barrel got thwarted by the amount and the tube couldn’t keep up with the amount of water wanting to get in. we really need to install our second one, but we can’t figure out...

excellent weekend

the first poppy opened up: and fruits from my friends: (from l to r) shasta daisy, sedum, spiderwort, and columbine i can’t remember what these two pretty ones are, but they’re pretty. and nora, posing for the shot: we’re all very tired today. i was...

i tell ya

i love having the day off tomorrow. it makes me able to stay awake so much better. i also love having awesome neighbors. they offered their chairs from the front porch and their fridge from the garage. nice. we have most of the spindles up on the deck, but have a hell...


this whole week has had me really unmotivated.

this am, when i walked out the door, i said to kurt, “when are you going to win the lottery?”