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it hasn’t been so bad

coming back to work after 10 days off… it’s kinda nice to see everyone again. we’ll see how i feel in a couple days.


i got to take the first shower in my new bathroom on thursday. it was the awesomest. my week-long vacation is slowly coming to an end. tomorrow is the last day of it. at least the first half was almost too hot. these last couple days have been very cold and rainy and...


What does usable water mean? it’s not drinkable. but it is, in fact usable. actually, plants hate tap water. it’s undistilled. rainwater, on the otherhand, gets distilled up in the sky with all the crap that happens up there.

new toy

i forgot to take a picture of the finished product. it’s in the shed now and it’s pouring out, so you’ll just have to wait.

omg you guys

i just threaded my first bobbin, and sewed my first significant project.