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a side note

my mom tells me that my dad’s favorite band was creedence clearwater revival. or see-see-are, for those “in the know”. it would please him to know that i really appreciate their music and influence… i hope. :)


i’ve been told recently by one regular reader that i’m not posting with the quantity that he’s used to. and i told him, “everything’s boring.” and that this may become a “home improvement blog”. i don’t know if...


i just tried making wonton soup but they turned out really bland and soggy.. and they’re really a lot of work. since i used seitan and roasted poblano peppers, i’ll be able to turn that mix into tacos for lunch tomorrow. i’m really trying to stop...


they added streetview to madison and it’s outlying areas. View Larger Map

pump it up!

i went through three versions of this record on cassette during my preteen years. i’m currently revisiting it. it’s not bad for the late 80s.