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people are funny animals

this could be kind of rambly, so i aplologize in advance. if you’re lucky, i’ll edit it down before i publish the entry. so, the most recent incarnation of my job has only taken hold completely since near the end of last year. it’s hard to describe...


so, after having missed the crack doctor on monday (he had kidney stones, i had a headache… guess who feels silly now?) and finally getting in yesterday afternoon, i feel a lot better. the skeptic in me wonders if i would have even had any headaches had i not...


my headache just came back. boy does that make me an ornery cuss!


i stayed home yesterday. i was feeling a little off since sunday morning, and woke up with a headache behind both eyes. i very rarely get headaches, so when i do, i’m not fun to be around. also, we really need to get that water softener. my scalp is hating the...


i tried capturing this rainbow in the middle of february.